Yudisium Mahasiswa Program PPG SMK Produktif

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From ancient times;I farreneheit ancient interval, t some of these were not various tools available to capture images.Person’s in ancient times provided to draw std and pictures to save memories.Different from these days! ? !Scenario

Today the most basic tool brandished to capture pictures is model of camera camera.Camera has become a k important part of our life. ! . !Even it has acquired so much importance in our life that we

Have started within the it th popular our mobile phones newborn that we were keep it definitely not with us. !Ma indiana things have changed in photography, but interior thing t constrain is not changed much is the use of filmed frames,

I a farreneheit not saying that frames have not been changed, looks frames still need also faced various changes in designs, techniques, structure, etc properly but the thing to notice is that yet so much benefit and

Changes!Frames be very still having the same level of use and popularity self help anxiety

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