International Academic Mobility for Frontier Technology (I AM FT) is one program of designed efforts to promote all potential aspects of Engineering Faculty, Universitas Negeri Malang throughout various activities that are able to raise the competitiveness and contribution of Engineering Faculty around the world, as well as, to build and synergize with overseas partners to strengthen the potential mobility and excellence of Engineering Faculty and Departments at the national level. The I AM FT will be presented for students, staffs, and lecturers in order to disseminate the invention, research, view, theory, and others in the field of engineering, technology, and its education, as part of the international academic mobility and international partnership which are used to support national roles. The main programs of the I AM FT covers Staff/Lecturer Mobility and Student Mobility in outbound or inbound countries, and Skill Empowerment and Development for the staff/Lecturer and student.

All participants who interest in these programs to present the engineering faculty mobility as a key of the I AM FT should be registered. The registrant will be evaluated and selected to be a candidate for the I AM FT.